Estate Packages (EDCM, IDM & GAA)

R&S Grating stock all pit lids specified in EDCM (Engineering Design and Construction Manual), GAA (Growth Area Authority) and IDM (Infrastructure Design Manual) standard guidelines and drawings.


Fully compliant to both the local authority requirements and the requirements of the Australian Standard AS3996: Access Covers and Grates, R&S Grating’s estate package products are approved in all municipalities.


R&S Grating offer very competitive package pricing for new estates.  Please contact us with your requirements.

Relevant standards include:


Engineering Design and Construction Manual (EDCM):


EDCM601, EDCM602, EDCM603, EDCM604, EDCM605, EDCM607, EDCM608, EDCM609


Growth Area Authority (GAA):


Figure 012, Figure 013, Figure 014


Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM):


SD140, SD405, SD410, SD415, SD420, SD425, SD426, SD430, SD431, SD435, SD440, SD441, SD445, SD450, SD455, SD460, SD475, SD480, SD481, SD490, SD495, SD496, SD510, SD520, SD525, SD530


For additional Victorian municipalities and authorities, please visit our council product’s page here.

Pictured: SMC Ecolite & SM2 Eco-Weaved Grate (EDCM603 and GAA Figure 013).