Eco-Weaved Sump Grates

Eco-Weaved Converted Side Entry
Eco-Weaved Converted Side Entry, Dandenong South

A Little Bit of Information on the Eco-Weaved range…

R&S Grating’s ECO-Weaved (EW) sump grates offer the best of both worlds.  The tried and tested weaved design has been lightened down to reduce materials and increase OH&S compliance, while maintaining a strong class D (heavy duty) rating of AS3996.  The EW range is also bicycle tyre penetration resistant (BTPR) to AS3996 and comes bolted down, standard, to prevent unintentional dislodgement or unwanted tampering.  Ideal for areas with regular vehicles and trucks, the EW sump grate offers maximum water intake with an open surface area of around 70% – 80%, while maintaining the BTPR and strength requirements of AS3996.


The EW is stocked in a variety of standard square and rectangular pit sizes for flat sump pits, as well as in a variety of sizes for rollover/channel pits.  Additionally, EW grates are available for a variety of council applications for side entry and junction pits.  Additionally, EW grates offer a fantastic option as replacement grates when an existing grate has failed.  The high strength and BTPR compliance make them a good alternative to traditional grates and EW grates can be manufactured to any overall size and depth as a replacement option.

Available Downloads…

Flyer GAA Flyer
EW Flyer GAA EW Flyer

Sizes & Styles Available

Flat ECO-Weaved Grates
Dimensions of flat grates and frames.

All dimensions in mm unless stated.

Design Clear OpeningProduct CodeClass Rating AS3996ABCDEFGHGrate Weight (kg)Spec.
450 x 450SG-H-MSG-EW4545D460465570515555504555020
600 x 600SG-H-MSG-EW6060D610615720665557006055036
750 x 750SG-H-MSG-EW7575D760765870815558507555055
900 x 450SG-H-MSG-EW9045D91046510205155510004555042
900 x 600SG-H-MSG-EW9060D91061510206655510006055055
900 x 900SG-H-MSG-EW9090D9109251020975551000455*5042*

* This product is made of two grates and this measurement is of the individual grate.

‘V’ Rollover ECO-Weaved Grates

"V" grate dimensions and sizes.

All dimensions in mm unless stated.

Design Clear OpeningProduct CodeClass Rating AS3996ABCDEFGHIGrate Weight (kg)Spec.
450 x 450SG-H-MSG-EWV4545D46046357051355550453504024
600 x 600SG-H-MSG-EWV6060D61061072066055700601504040
750 x 750SG-H-MSG-EWV7575D76077287082255850758504059
900 x 450SG-H-MSG-EWV9045D9104631020513551000453504047
900 x 600SG-H-MSG-EWV9060D9106101020660551000601504058
900 x 900SG-H-MSG-EWV9090D9109211020971551000455*504042*

* This product is made of two grates and this measurement is of the individual grate.

Converted Side Entry Eco-Weaved Grates

Dimensions of converted side entry grates and frames.

All dimensions in mm unless stated.

StyleDesign Clear OpeningProduct CodeClass Rating AS3996ABCDEFGGrate Weight (kg)Spec.
Rollover900 x 600SG-H-MSG-CSE-EW9060D9106143121020105855N/A56 / 30
Bullnose900 x 600SG-H-MSG-CSE-EW9060BD91061431210201058552556 / 30

Council & Local Authority Eco-Weaved Grates

The following councils and local authorities have EW grates available made to their specifications.  Additionally, many of the standard EW grates included above meet Council requirements.  Contact us if you require a council product not listed below.

All dimensions in mm unless stated.

AuthorityProduct CodeClass Rating AS3996Kerb ProfileProduct DescriptionDrawing No.(s) ApplicableDesign Pit SizeApplicable CouncilsGrate WeightSpec.
GAA* EDCM*SG-H-MSG-W9035GAADB2Side Entry Pit Grated B2 Kerb and ChannelFigure 012 EDCM 601 EDCM 602900 x 300mmCardinia Casey Hume Melton Whittlesea Wyndham36
GAA* EDCM*SG-H-MSG-W90375SM2DSM2Side Entry Pit Grated SM2 Kerb & ChannelFigure 013 EDCM 603 EDCM 604900 x 375mmCardinia Casey Hume Melton Whittlesea Wyndham50

*GAA – Growth Areas Authority
*EDCM – Engineering Design & Construction Manual